India Trip 2011 (Feb 1): Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Radiohead - The King of Limbs

This is definitely an album that requires multiple listens, much like “Amnesiac” and “Kid A”. But when I listen to other Radiohead albums, I feel like I have been on a substantial journey. I don’t get that feeling after listening to “The King of Limbs”. It’s not just because the album is only 8 songs and clocks in around 37 minutes. I think it’s also because the album pretty much hovers around one energy level. I really wish there was at least one high energy tune. A chill song like “Codex” would have had a lot more impact if it followed an energetic song. My favorite tracks are “Morning Mr. Magpie”, “Lotus Flower”, and “Give Up The Ghost”. I love the muted guitar parts in “Morning Mr. Magpie”. “Lotus Flower” is groovy and melodic. The vocal loop in “Give Up The Ghost” is really cool…This album isn’t going to rise to the top of my list, but it’s enjoyable.

India Trip 2011 (Jan 31): A beach in Andaman

India Trip 2011 (Jan 31): Visiting the Cellular Jail at Andaman, which imprisoned many of India’s freedom fighters.

India Trip 2011 (Jan 21): Halfway to India, drinking beer and walking around London

MGMT - Congratulations

MGMT’s new album “Congratulations” is entertaining. It’s very creative, and definitely more experimental than their previous album. However, I am not too happy with the production, more specifically the mix. But I should also point out that this is my opinion of the online version from their website. I’m excited to get the physical CD in a few weeks, and listen to it through my Grado headphones. Anyway, I really wish they had worked with Dave Fridmann again. He did an amazing job with “Oracular Spectacular”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he is the producer/engineer that worked on all of The Flaming Lips records. Getting back to “Congratulations”, my favorite track is “Siberian Breaks”. It’s basically six songs jammed into one track, and there are a lot of great moments. The album is fun to listen to, but in the future I hope they stick with this formula:

MGMT + Dave Fridmann = GOLD